What We Do

Development Ventures combines innovative ideas with the results driven approach of the private sector in order to develop economic growth opportunities in the most challenging of environments.

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Who We Are

Whether we are identifying investment opportunities or providing capacity development consulting, Development Ventures provides the right people to help our clients realize their true potential.

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Our Partners

To us, sustainable economic development is not just simply about delivering immediate economic enhancement, but is also about assisting our clients to take ownership of their own development.

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  • Development Ventures Education (DVE) is a brand-new division of Development Ventures. DVE’s mission is to design and implement research-based education programs and services with the aim of supporting equal educational opportunities for all. 

    The Launch of Development Ventures Education Division

  • Development Ventures leads the development of a ‘Utility-In-A-Box’ trial project for supporting private- sector investment in distributed energy generation in Guatemala.

    Developing Community Accelerators in Off-Grid Communities

  • Development Ventures is facilitating the Marshall Islands based fishery, Aquaculture Technologies of the Marshall Islands (ATMI), to source impact investment partners. Facilitating ATMI Source Impact Investment

    Facilitating ATMI Source Impact Investment

  • Development Ventures is facilitating the urban apparel manufacturer, Combat Flip Flops, to identify partners for their new investment in Afghanistan.

    Investment Facilitation for Combat Flip Flops


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